Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Mid Week Mischief

          Today I am here with the first post in my new series, Mid Week Mischief.  

          Yesterday morning, mommy found me standing on top of the table (which I am not allowed to be on) and playing with the chandelier. When mommy goes out for the day, she locks up all of my wand toys and the gems hanging from the bottom of the light looked as though they would made a good substitute.  I had to try them out for myself, and they were a lot of fun!

          All was going well, and I was about to get away without any trouble, until I hit one of the dangling gems really hard. They all started swinging and clinking together, making a very suspicious sound. 

          When mommy came out from the living room, I got a long talking to. Then mommy moved the table from underneath the light so I couldn't play on it anymore.

          Then she got me a scratching board that hangs from one of the doorknobs for me to entertain myself with.

Now for my 'Wordless Wednesday' photo, this is a picture of me from the very first night I was brought home. That was a slightly scary day at the time but I am so glad I was adopted into a loving home.

~Ali Cat

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Selfie Sunday!

          I have been looking forward to Sunday all week to share this photo! 

          Personally, I believe that it looks as though I am extremely surprised. I think that is the face I would see if I were to look in a mirror, (my cuteness would shock even me!). Or maybe I would use that face if someone else were eating my food. I would be very upset by that! 

         Hmmm....food.... that thought has got me licking my lips! Time to go meow at mommy until she feeds me! See you guys on Wednesday for my first post in my new series, 'Mid Week Mischief'. Please come by and visit! 

~Ali Cat

Selfie Sunday is hosted by The Cat on My Head.


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Happy Caturday!

         My Caturday Art photo today was edited using PicMonkey. My mommy has been thinking of purchasing a photo editing software, and was wondering if you had any suggestions on what to get.  We are new to the world of editing, and any tips would be greatly appreciated!

          Stay warm and bundled up if you go outside today! It is definitely a cold one! 

          Starting this Wednesday, mommy and I have decided to start a new series of posts called 'Mid Week Mischief'.  Please come check it out if you are interested in seeing some adorable photos and hear some of the funny situations I get myself into!

          The Caturday Art blog hop is hosted by Athena and Marie

 See everyone tomorrow with my Sunday Selfie!
~Ali Cat

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Selfie Sunday!

          Happy Sunday! Did you guys have a good Valentine's Day? Mine was great! But it was also pretty exhausting. Mommy snapped a picture of me dozing off in a sunny chair this morning. 


          Tomorrow I have a Mischief Monday story coming your way! Stay tuned :)

          I would love to be friends with you on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook! I will follow back! My name for twitter is @thelifeofalicat , Facebook is Ali Cat, Pinterest is Ali Cat and on Instagram aliisacrazycat.  

See ya later!
~Ali Cat

Not sure why my picture didn't load in the blog hop list, I have been having some computer troubles this morning!

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentines's Day!

          Hey! Happy Valentines Day everyone! Just going to share my Valentine's picture as well as my Caturday Art, and then it is time to cuddle up for my afternoon nap. 

          I thought it would be fun to share some of my favourite ways   I tell my mommy I love her:

1. Constantly licking her. She said something about me having a very exfoliating tongue.  Not sure what that means but I take it to be a good thing!

2. Eat all of the food she gives me.  It would be rude not to, as I am sure she spends a lot of time making the food taste so good.

3. Sit on top of anything she is using. I am sure I am doing her a favour, as she must enjoy petting me more than doing work!

4. Never let mommy out of my view. She might get lonely without me!

5. Meow loudly when I enter a room, even if I don't need anything. Mommy seems to enjoy knowing when I am with her, so I don't jump up and scare her! 

6. This one is my absolute  favourite, cozying up and taking a nap. I am very lucky to have a Mommy who enjoys sitting in the sun with me and taking long, comfy naps. I love you Mommy!

See you guys tomorrow with a Selfie Sunday!
Bye for now,
~Ali Cat

Friday, 6 February 2015

Sorry Wednesday

          I am not sure where this week went.  I was planning on doing a Wordless Wednesday this week but it flew right past me! Sorry Wednesday, I promise I will pay attention and see you next week! I am on for Selfie Sunday this weekend and I cannot wait!

         Today I am just going to share a quick picture of me showing off the lovely "M" I have on my forehead! How many of you have "M's" on your foreheads?

(Meow to you later!)
~Ali Cat

Monday, 2 February 2015

Mischief Monday

          Hello, me again! I am here with a story from a few days ago when I got myself into a little mischief.  My favourite toy to hide in is my pink box mommy bought me from Pet Smart. Mommy often finds me sitting in my box or peeping my head out of the numerous holes. It is made of cardboard and I enjoy scratching the rough edges. 

           I love my box so much, I thought I would show mommy my appreciation for it. I wanted to do something so big that mommy could not miss how much I play with it.

           I worked all night disassembling my box, and I was very pleased with my results. My box was now just two flat pieces with a bunch of tabs and holes. I then pushed it to somewhere mommy could not miss it: on top of my water bowl. 

           When mommy came in, I could not tell if she liked what I did or not... she mentioned something about me being a crazy monkey. I take that as a compliment! I promptly laid down stretched out my belly, and waited for my reward of petting. I was not disappointed! :)

          That is all for today! I will be back on Wednesday for the Wordless Wednesday blog hop. See you guys then!
                                              ~Ali Cat